Thursday, October 12, 2006


Are you superstitious?

I am. With me, it's mostly magpies. See, in a desperate attempt to stay lim and lissom, I take my bike up to the local common every single morning (weather permitting, otherwise it's the dreaded exercise bike). And up on the common, there's always lots of magpies.

If I see two of them, I feel my day's got off to great start. If I see one, I have to say, very seriously, 'Good morning Mr Magpie, you're a handsome devil.'

I don't know where I learned this or who told me that this is what you have to say to a single magpie, but if I don't say it, I feel I am under some deep, dark curse that will haunt me all my days. Go figure.

Then there's the running total. If I count up five for silver, or six for gold, I'm ecstatic! And if I see eight, I can make a wish, which is generally a wish that Sebastian Darke will be a great success.

Incidentally, I recently learned that the book has now made the shortlist for the Waterstone's prize.

So maybe there's something in it, after all...


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