Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Darke Ages Are Almost Here!

I suppose Christmas must have intervened. And New Year. And all the alcohol-fuelled, food-fired frenzy that two festive weeks in the Republic of Ireland can deliver. When i left, publication still seemed an age away. I arrived back at 4 o clock this morning, swearing that I was going to go on the wagon, go on a diet and go for a cycle ride every day, until I had shed some of the blubber that my recent bout of hedonism had bequeathed me.

The house looked just the same as we'd left it, only a bit cleaner, because somebody had been in to dust while we were away.

After a few hours much-needed sleep I got up to discover that I had 179 emails to wade through; that the Manchester Evening News had included an article about me and unfortunately, had used an old archive photograph that made me look like a drooling pyschopath; that Random House had sent me the podcasts I shot in London not so very long ago (much less psychopathic in those!) that they are also working on the Seb D dedicated website... and that I was but one day away from THE BIG ONE.

The big one, you ask? Yeah, you know, January 4th, release day!

And I have to be honest, it feels a bit... well, anti-climatic. I mean, where are the brass bands? The cheering crowds? The... bright pointy things?

True, I have various events and signings arranged for further down the line; and a few people have phoned today to say that they saw the interview in the MEN and THAT psychopatic photo, but tomorrow... well, tomorrow, Grace and I will take the train into Manchester and wander around the bookshops looking for a familiar cover. And if we don't see it... well, we haven't come up with a plan B yet. If we DO see it, I suppose I'll get her to photograph me standing by a stack of books giving the thumbs up or something equally mundane.

And... that will be it. All those years of slog and hard work, comes down to a day when the book goes on sale to the public and it's down to them to decide if it's going to be a hit or a miss. Or I suppose I should say, it's down to YOU.

So here's the thing. Buy the book. PLEASE! It's really, really good. Honest.