Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Darke Ages Are Almost Here!

I suppose Christmas must have intervened. And New Year. And all the alcohol-fuelled, food-fired frenzy that two festive weeks in the Republic of Ireland can deliver. When i left, publication still seemed an age away. I arrived back at 4 o clock this morning, swearing that I was going to go on the wagon, go on a diet and go for a cycle ride every day, until I had shed some of the blubber that my recent bout of hedonism had bequeathed me.

The house looked just the same as we'd left it, only a bit cleaner, because somebody had been in to dust while we were away.

After a few hours much-needed sleep I got up to discover that I had 179 emails to wade through; that the Manchester Evening News had included an article about me and unfortunately, had used an old archive photograph that made me look like a drooling pyschopath; that Random House had sent me the podcasts I shot in London not so very long ago (much less psychopathic in those!) that they are also working on the Seb D dedicated website... and that I was but one day away from THE BIG ONE.

The big one, you ask? Yeah, you know, January 4th, release day!

And I have to be honest, it feels a bit... well, anti-climatic. I mean, where are the brass bands? The cheering crowds? The... bright pointy things?

True, I have various events and signings arranged for further down the line; and a few people have phoned today to say that they saw the interview in the MEN and THAT psychopatic photo, but tomorrow... well, tomorrow, Grace and I will take the train into Manchester and wander around the bookshops looking for a familiar cover. And if we don't see it... well, we haven't come up with a plan B yet. If we DO see it, I suppose I'll get her to photograph me standing by a stack of books giving the thumbs up or something equally mundane.

And... that will be it. All those years of slog and hard work, comes down to a day when the book goes on sale to the public and it's down to them to decide if it's going to be a hit or a miss. Or I suppose I should say, it's down to YOU.

So here's the thing. Buy the book. PLEASE! It's really, really good. Honest.


Blogger xxmarinaxx said...

Hi this is Marina! (One of Grace's loony mates)The book is REALLY GOOD. Have fun in London!

7:57 pm  

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